DCC clerk

Job Responsibilities:

1. Standardize the company's ISO system document management, formulate and maintain documents and record management procedures, and ensure the validity and applicability of ISO system documents;

2. Standardize and participate in the review of the company's rules and regulations and procedures, and maintain the continuity, effectiveness and applicability of the company's rules and regulations;

3. Standardize the company's contract review process and reduce contract risks;

4. Standardize the company's official document processing process and promote the standardization of official document processing;

5. Standardize and improve the company's file management, formulate and maintain related systems and procedures for file management;

6. Responsible for collecting, sorting out and making use of various types of archive materials and information;

7. Gradually build the company's information consulting platform to provide reference data for the company's various work and decision-making.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in secretarial or archives, and relevant work experience in document control management;

2. Familiar with ISO9001:2008 management provisions and internal audit operation process, and have practical experience;

3. Have certain experience in file management and classification, and be proficient in using office automation systems and CAD drawing software;

4. Have strong learning ability and training potential, have strong file processing ability and adaptability;

5. Have a certain degree of risk control ability and good communication and coordination skills, and be able to complete various tasks independently.

6. Accept outstanding fresh graduates with professional counterparts.

Work location: Baoan Fuyong, do not accept resumes for this work location

Hardware Engineer (Electronic Engineer)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the company's overall product program design, formulate hardware subsystem and driver requirements, design programs and test programs.

2. Responsible for detailed hardware design, schematic design, and preparation of hardware design documents (including detailed design reports and main wiring diagrams).

3. Responsible for BOM production and integration.

4. Carry out hardware/unit test, system joint debugging test, and system function verification test.

5. Establish product control circuits and digital circuit design specifications and operating procedures, build and optimize hardware design platforms, and provide timely qualified resources for product and technology research and development.

6. Responsible for assisting the verification department in the trial production of new products and follow-up of problems to the smooth mass production of the products, and analyze, verify and confirm the problems that need to be solved in the future mass production.

job requirements:

1. Full-time college degree or above, electronic or related major, familiar with the principle of frequency converter and relevant safety regulations and EMC knowledge.

2. Have a good foundation of analog and digital electronic circuits and automatic control theory, and be able to use PROTEL and circuit simulation software EWB5.0/6.0 proficiently.

3. Possess certain circuit design and analysis capabilities, be able to operate measuring instruments proficiently, and have more than 2 years of working experience in switching power supply product design.

4. Have strong communication skills, teamwork spirit, and innovative consciousness.

5. Strong sense of responsibility, proactive, dedicated, meticulous and rigorous, loyal to duty.